Mediheal Phyto-Enzyme Peeling Pad 200ml 90Pads Pore Care


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-This is the No.1 pad that won 11 awards including two times OLIVE YOUNG No.1, three times Hwahae No.1, Amazon No.1, and three time Beauty Pin No.1 respectively.
This is the MEDIHEAL no.1 pad, which exfoliates and cleanses pores in order to remove keratin.

-This product has an overall 100% satisfaction rate, including 100% smooth skin texture, 100% blackhead improvement, 100% whitehead improvement, and 100% being gentle and mild.
Skin exfoliation is improved by 93.01%, and blackheads are improved by 66.95%, resulting in immediate effects on skin exfoliation and blackheads.

-The total pore improvement effect can be seen with a noticeable 27.66% improvement in pore count and 45.38% improvement in pore area.
Completed the sensitive skin irritation test, so it is safe for use.
The sheets are gently and smoothly cared for with a full-bodied essence to the last sheet without irritation.

-This pad absorbs all of the essence in the container and eliminates the worry of leftover essence and floating impurities.
Even after multiple uses it won't cause fluff, and it perfectly removes the keratin from even the most curved parts with its ultra-fine embossed side.

-Vegan-certified ultra-fine embossing pad keeps the skin healthy without irritation.
The generous 90-sheet capacity and built-in tweezers make it easy to use hygienically.
The built-in tweezers are renewed to become more strong and delicate.

-It provides smooth skin by quickly and firmly improving pores and keratin.
Recommended when you need fast keratin improvement, when you want to easily solve rough skin problems, when you need a smooth and confident finish for your skin, and when you want a gentle and moist feeling.

How to use

Wipe gently along the entire face following the skin texture except the eye area.
*Place the pad on the area where keratin, blackheads, and sebum are easy to accumulate, and you can remove them more cleanly when melted away.
Experience a stronger exfoliation effect by using two pads at once.