MEDIHEAL Vita Essential Mask 1Sheet, 1Box(10Sheet)


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- RENEW Mediheal VITA Mask: Upgrade bright VITA by 4.8 times - Brightening skin tone for radiant skin. - Vitalizing and Moisturizing - Key Ingredients: VITA ACTIVE 3X + Mediheal's Patented Ingredient HYDRODEEPER - Skin irritancy test completed (Skin Irritation index is 0.00) - Part of Essential Collection → Mediheal's healing line with added mild, pristine ingredients in a sheet mask - The mask sheet is made of bamboo to pursue eco-friendly vegan and bio-degradable certified → Added Advantages of new sheet include adhesion/moisture retention/ skin tightening - Uses FSC certified paper with eco-friendly soy ink for box packaging for a better tomorrow.

[INGREDIENT] - Upgraded bright VITA by 4.8 times - Sheet Mask formulated with VITA ACTIVE 3X and HYDRODEEPER to help provide extra hydration to help brigthen skin tone and provide radiant skin - Initial ingredients of Vita B (Pro Vitamin B5), Vita C (Vitamin C derivatives), Vita E (Vitamin E derivatives+), now upgraded combination of B5. B7.C.E and added extract of green tangerine and sea buckthorn enrich of Vitamin C.

[EFFECT] - Refreshing tone up care for dull skin
VITA ACTIVE 3X {Consists of 3X active ingredients} 1X: Vita B (Panthenol 1,000pp, /Biotin 10ppm) 2X: Vita C ( Tangerine peel extract 2,000 ppm/Sea buckthorn extract 2,000 ppm/Vitamin C derivatives-Sodium acsorbyl phosphate 50ppm) 3X: Vita E (Vitamin E derivatives -Tocopherol 200ppm/Tocopheryl acetate 50ppm) {Effect} Brightening care & radiant skin → contains vitamin B (calming), vitamin C (toning) and vitamin E (glossy) that help brighten skin tone and enhance skin vitality.
Mediheal's Patented ingredient HYDRODEEPER: The combination of adult and baby amino acids and three minerals - improves skin moisturization Improves hydration and skin barrier Helps improve wrinkles due to hydration. It is based on the fact that amino acid & mineral accounts for a large portion of NMF, which is the core of skin moisturization

[SHEET MASK] - FABRIC UPGRADE! - Mild bamboo sheet that is environmentally friendly and moisturizing for comfortable skin. - Moisturising for comfortable skin which upgraded sheet holds the essence together and delivers it effectively to the skin (adhesion/moisture retention) - Eco-friendly vegan & biodegradable certified sheet mask which comfortably covers the face - Adjusted size by reflecting consumer reviews, and research to enhance skin tightening effect: Increase forehead s


How to use

  •  Mask on your face and hold it 15~20minutes while taking a rest. Then, take off the mask and lightly tap your face till the remaining essence is fully absorbed. And apply step-2 ampoule on entire face smoothly.