Meditherapy Shumage Gold Seal Lifting Cream & EMS Device Set


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  • A EMS (Electrical Muscular Stimulation) device that helps firm and lift skin.


  • Shumage mid-frequency shock waves that penetrate deep layers on skin, verified to provide skin elasticity improving benefits.


  • Comes with 2 modes EMS mode or absorption mode with different levels of intensity.

Product Information
Imported from:    South Korea
Catalog No.:    1129276189
This Shumage Gold Seal Lifting Cream & EMS Device Set comes with:
Shumage Gold Seal Lifting Cream
Shumage EMS Device 1 set
Shumage Gold Seal Lifting Cream:
A moisturizer that is infused with good that nourishes skin while help provide anti-ageing benefits.
Contains patented Crich BG ingredients that helps suppress the formation of wrinkles.
Enriched with elasticity improving ingredients like low molecular weight collagen and carnosine.Completed skin irritation test.

Shumage EMS Device:Size:
82.8mm x 44mm
Lithium DC 5V rechargable
This Shumage EMS Device comes with:
Shumage EMS Device main body 1 pc
USB charging cable 1 pc
Manual (Korean and English) 1 pc

    How to use

    turned on, it will automatically be set to YELLOW Absorption Mode, and each short press of the power button will change the mode and LED color.

    2. In order to set the desired mode, briefly press the power button. Press the intensity button once for each intensity level increase.
    *Intensity adjustment is not available for vibration mode.

    3. If the head is strongly pressed against the skin during use, the effect may be less noticeable. Therefore, lightly touch the concerned area during use.

    4. The device will automatically turn off after 3 minutes of use. If you want to stop the device during use, press and hold the power button for 2 seconds.

    5. For hygienic use, after use, clean it thoroughly with a dry cloth or cotton pad and store it by closing the cap or combining it with the Shumage Cream Cap.

    6. Charging can be done by connecting the enclosed USB charging cable to the USB charging terminal on the back of the device.
    *Full charging time: approximately 2-3 hours.