O HUI Prime Advancer 3P Special Set


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-Skin Softener
Anti-wrinkle functional product.
Ultra-hydrating essence product rich in ampoule for firm skin core.
The ampoule capturing technology provides ampoule layering on every skincare stage.
Contains ampoule that makes firm and moisturizing skin texture for deep hydration.

Anti-wrinkle functional product.
Soft textured ultra-hydrating emulsion rich in ampoule that makes firm skin core.
Provides luxurious and deep moisturizing layer.
Light and moisturizing soft ampoule.
Moisturizing emulsion that has light and deep moisture layer.

Anti-wrinkle functional product.
The skin firming ampoule is covered with soft and sheen cream.

    How to use

    -Skin Softener

    After cleansing in the morning and evening, take adequate amount and evenly apply entire skin and then lightly tap to absorb.


    After applying serum, take adequate amount and then gently apply on skin. Lightly tap to absorb.

    -Ampoule Capture Cream EX

    giAt the last step of skincare, take adequate amount and gently massage along skin texture starting from center of your face, and then absorb into the skin.