Prorance Whitening Sun cream 70ml (SPF50+, PA+++)


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Product Characteristics  
1. Simultaneous blocking of UVA, UVB
 - This product blocks simultaneously UVA and UVB that cause skin aging and blemishes.
 - Also it protects safely the skin from leisure or outdoor activities with its strong UV blocking effect.

2. Whitening effect
- This product contains niacinamide which is whitening function notified ingredient.
- Therefore, it makes dull skin clear and prevents dark spots and freckles, maintaining clean and transparent skin.

3. Light and fresh feeling of use
- This product spreads without stickiness because it is based on oil-free prescription.
- It maintains fresh skin without greasiness after applying.

4. Skin protection and soothing effects
- Extracts of Aloe Vera, honey and green tea relive skin irritation that is caused by ultraviolet rays.
- Also, it protects skin and it keeps the skin healthy and moist.

5. Makeup base effect
- This product can be used for makeup base because it has natural skin adjustment effect.
- Sebum control powder controls effectively sebum secretion and it cares pores.
- This product makes the skin smooth and bright.

How to use

 At the last step of skin care, spread appropriate amount of the product over the face, neck, arms, and legs that are likely to be exposed to ultraviolet rays.